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2015 Budget
Chief Fraser

We are pleased to present the 2015 Brockville Police Service Operating Budget. As a result of several factors including retirements, re-organization and the use of part-time staff we are presenting a -3.08% budget.

All levels of the police service have exercised diligence in locating savings. As a result of several retirements in 2014 we have reduced our uniform staff from 42 to 40 and our civilian staff from 23 to 19. We have expanded the use of Part-Time staff which is now being utilized in our Court Bureau, Dispatch and Administrative office. The service is also working very closely with the Police Services Board, community stakeholders and other agencies to offset costs associated to 24/7 policing.

Many have attributed the efficiencies in this budget to the OPP costing which was requested two years ago. This is not the case. Until the costing was requested there had been no communication regarding our budget or perceived exponential increases. In essence, we are listening to the

Community, Council and our stakeholders. This year we were presented with options not available in previous years and we capitalized on those. This was done as an organization, by all of our staff. Over the past 8 years we have averaged 23.02% of the NET City budget. Like everything, costs have gone up and it would be very negligent to attribute the Cities increases to policing alone. We are already looking towards 2016 and will continue to evaluate any potential areas to reduce costs. If an opportunity presents itself, we will once again capitalize upon it.

Despite the conversations about policing that are taking place in our community, we are here to provide practical and professional policing. Regardless of costs, your safety is paramount.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or comments regarding the 2015 budget.

Scott Fraser
Chief of Police

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